Success Stories

Working with her one-on-one and in classes, Dr Sigal’s (you can call her Mona) patients attest to ways Nourish Health’s programs have changed their lives:

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

“Finding myself in an emergency room with extremely high blood pressure after a routine doctor’s appointment six months ago, I knew that I needed to make certain lifestyle changes. Dr. Mona Sigal’s enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject matter in the “Nourish Health With Food for Life” program jolted me into the realization that I was not too old to take control over my diet and start the reversal process brought about by healthy eating habits. Thirty-eight pounds lighter, full of energy, and already on a greatly reduced dose of medication, I find that my energy level is amazingly high. Thank you, Mona, for not only making our sessions so enjoyable with your wonderful sense of humor, but for keeping us in the loop and making yourself accessible to us. I am truly grateful and have been spreading the word enthusiastically.”

Marblehead MA, 
January 2013

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

“Hi Mona,
This is my second time being diagnosed with cancer. 
I can see and do believe I’m helping myself by switching to the all plant diet to help my immune system become stronger.
 I feel better only after 6 weeks. I plan on signing up for the cancer course after this course ends.
 I’ve learned so much from you and couldn’t have done this switch without your class.

Thanks again,”

Andover MA, 
April 2013

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

“Thank you very much for your help and encouragement last fall when I made the decision to treat my high cholesterol with diet, rather than drugs. Since November I’ve eaten strictly a plant-based diet consisting of vegetables, lentils, beans, grains and a limited fruits. I totally eliminated using fat in all forms. Plus, since my fractured arm became more mobile, I started exercising in late December. In addition, I’ve also recently given up alcohol, too…

My cardiologist was very surprised this morning when I met with him. He couldn’t believe that I lowered my cholesterol by diet alone. He was shocked! I encouraged him to inform his patients to follow a healthy diet and exercise, rather than pushing drugs on them. I doubt that I made a difference, though.

I knew that lowering my cholesterol was possible with diet, and thanks again for all your inspiration and advice to achieve my goal! Here are my new results compared to last fall:

3/14/2013 10/17/2012
Total Cholesterol 207 280
LDL 126 182
HDL 62 74
Triglycerides 96 121

If you ever make a presentation in the DC area, please let me know, and I’ll definitely attend. Many thanks again!”

Reston VA, 
March 2013

Nutrition Classes MA

“I took the kickstart training program with Dr. Mona Sigal in early 2013 and immediately switched to a plant based diet. Two months later, I have lost 10 pounds and feel great. My cholesterol plummeted to 123 without medication and my blood work is all within range. I have been recommending this program to everyone I talk to.”

Peabody MA, 
March 2013

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

“I first had the pleasure of meeting Mona Sigal at a chamber of commerce event held in the Lynn mayor’s office. I enjoyed her talk so much that I invited her to our company Christmas party. As we dined on unhealthy foods, Mona spoke to us about the benefits of a plant based diet. This definitely was not your normal Christmas party, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed Mona’s talk and the food she prepared for us. Mona has a fantastic sense of humor and is a highly entertaining speaker. Of the 20 people at this gathering, I believe at least 5 have been vegan since January 1st, including myself! I highly recommend having Mona speak at your next engagement!”

Coast Maintenance Supply Co. Inc.
Peabody MA, December 2012

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

“Just a quick email to let you know how I’m doing since my class in October. I had my annual physical and my cholesterol levels haven’t been this good in a decade. My Glucose level is normal and blood pressure is well controlled. Additionally, I’ve lost 20 lbs and feel terrific.

It’s been quite a steep learning curve but it’s also allowed me to share my new knowledge with my family. We are all eating healthier. I thought following my new plant-based diet throughout the holidays would be difficult but it was surprisingly easy. In fact, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I am serving Chocolate mousse for dessert. Your class has opened up a new, exciting world of eating for me and my family and friends.
Thank you for all your help and ongoing support.

Danvers MA, November 2012

Pam Popper

“Dr. Mona Sigal is a professional colleague and a personal friend. She represents the best of medicine – a commitment to practice evidence-based diet and lifestyle medicine, combined with enthusiasm and compassion. Her patients are lucky to be in her care.”

The Wellness Forum,
 November 2012

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

“After attending my first class of Kick Start Your Health, I knew I would forever alter my way of eating. My primary reason for attending the class was to seek an alternative treatment for my inflammatory arthritis. Dr. Sigal provided us with a wealth of objective information on the benefits of a plant based diet. These classes have helped me transition to a vegan lifestyle by providing me with support, recipes and new food ideas. Since making the change, I have lost 5 pounds without even trying. More importantly, it has significantly reduced the need for my arthritis medications. I feel so fortunate to have met Dr. Sigal and attended her classes!”

Marblehead MA,
 December 2012

Claire Dembrowski

“Given all the established influences of the meat and dairy industry in our lives, we need to listen and learn from Mona how to eat to prevent illness.

Her classes are well planned and informative. She presents solid information to back up the benefits of a vegan diet. At each class Mona actually prepares 3 recipes – appetizer, main course and dessert. I always looked forward to trying everything she made – it was so delicious and nourishing.

Anyone interested in true nutrition and good eating will enjoy learning under Mona’s inspirational teaching.”

Salem MA, January 23, 2014

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

We arrived here after a very long day in airports and on planes but we had planned ahead so we brought fruit/nuts/vegan crackers. When we arrived we discovered a vegan restaurant 4 blocks from our hotel and walked over there for an amazing dinner… You know, a year ago Bill would have had to take a cab because it would have been too far for him to walk in the 90 degree heat. (Bill has diabetes type 2 and has been on many medications for many years) A year ago Bill would have ordered a big steak after a day of tiring travel, but we both said after our vegan dinner that while we were full, we didn’t feel that heavy after-meal feeling.

We walked back to the hotel with no problem so I can definitely see he has really made improvements. His sugar was normal after all day and was perfect this morning. I am so happy about this. We will find a grocery store and pick up hummus and wraps with greens and tomatoes, etc., for lunch. The hotel pool restaurant had veggie burgers also, so we’re going to be fine here. Thank you for helping my Bill. I can see the changes in him in so many ways that only I would notice and it gives me such hope that he will improve his health more and more. I wish I could help people understand this very simple, very real miracle.”

Worcester MA, May 2013

Boston Nutrition Courses

“I arrived in Salem, MA in the summer of 2012 for a faculty position at a local university. Two weeks prior while preparing to move to New England from Kentucky I became seriously ill and ended up spending a week in the hospital. I developed the life threatening habit of not seeing a doctor for regular checkups and over the years I had become diabetic and didn’t know it. This resulted in diabetic ketoacidosis with blood glucose levels exceeding 1400. By any account I should not be alive. I recovered but was told that I would undoubtedly be insulin dependent for the rest of my life. Upon arriving in Salem I sought out doctors that I could work with in a true partnership.

I knew a little bit about plant based approaches to health and wellness yet I struggled initially to find a doctor who had expertise in this area. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Mona Sigal and her practice Nourish Health with Food for Life. Working closely with Dr. Sigal I have been able to completely change my diet, lose over 50 pounds, normalize my blood glucose levels, and I am no longer taking insulin or any other diabetes meds. The prospect of embracing an approach to eating that is plant based (vegan), minimally processed, and devoid of added oil might understandably seem daunting.

However, the classes I took with Dr. Sigal made it very doable by providing recipes, cooking demos, and exposure to the latest understanding of how removing animal products for our diets allows the body to heal in ways that are life changing. Additionally, Dr. Sigal is knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and willing to go the distance with her students and patients. The transformation has been dramatic and I have no doubt that the knowledge and support I have received working with Dr. Sigal has not only changed my life, it has saved my life.”

Salem MA, February 2014

Boston Nutrition Classes MA

“Mona Sigal is passionately reaching out to the communities of the North Shore of Boston teaching the many health and nutritional benefits of a plant based diet. Mona’s lectures and classes are well organized and interesting. Mona has made a difference for many of us trying to change our mindset and eating habits so that we can strengthen our immune systems and ultimately live healthier and disease free lives.”

“I viewed Dr.Sigal’s lecture at the Hawaii vegetarian group and was so very impressed with her scientifically rigorous approach to the subject of nutrition. She is the combination of Drs.’ Ornish, Esselstyn, Campbell, Lisle, Barnard, and Goldhamer delivering the message with a Nobel prize succinct fashion. Her passion and enthusiasm with her intellectual introspection for all things NUTRITION is absolutely wonderful!”