Ever Hear Of Sulforaphane?

Reviewing a mere month’s worth of medical literature provides a wealth of scientific articles on sulforaphane, a miraculous compound that can arrest the growth of cancer stem cells, and even reverse tumors.

In a fantastic lab study on mice, sulforaphane not only inhibited breast cancer stem cell growth, but even down-regulated its self–renewal tendencies.

In another brilliant study done on women undergoing breast reduction surgery proved that effective tissue levels of sulforaphane could be achieved in breast tissue within one hour of ingestion.

During the same month, studies were published on sulforaphane’s ability to do the same for colorectal and cervical cancer cells, as well as protect cartilage cells from destruction as well as protect smokers from DNA damage.

Wow, you think: sign me up! Where do I get this wonder drug?

The answer: BROCCOLI.

So fresh!

And broccoli sprouts. And kohlrabi. But broccoli and its sprouts reign supreme.

But, there isn’t any sulforaphane in either one of them! Until you BITE and CHEW it.

Just think of it this way: Ever played with those glow sticks, where you have to break to make them glow? Same here. Two chemicals are stored separately within broccoli cells, and combine only when nibbled and chewed, to make sulforaphane. It’s actually the plant’s means of protecting itself from predators, since it also causes its typical taste. But we humans are smarter — or should be: add some lemon juice, or other fat free, dairy free sauce to fresh or steamed broccoli and EAT IT! Better yet: Just 1 to 1.1/4 cups of fresh broccoli sprouts on a salad or sandwich, a day was shown to halt cancer stem cell growth in its tracks.

If that’s no miracle, I don’t know what is.

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