Dr. Sigal works individually with many patients in a traditional doctor/patient paradigm.

A highly respected physician, Dr. Sigal provides the diagnostic rigor and medical professionalism you’d expect from a doctor of nearly 30 years. The difference is, she doesn’t put you on a medication train. She prescribes a diet and often lifestyle changes that are known to work. And she explains the medical basis for the solution. But, unlike today’s time-managed doctor patient relationships, it doesn’t end there. She continues to work with you until you achieve your treatment goal.

Most of her patients have spent years trying to resolve their health issues through the “normal” doctor, insurance company, drug company model. When that has failed, many doctors, with nothing more to offer, have referred their patients to Nourish Health.

But by far, the lion’s share of Dr. Sigal’s patients are patient referrals. People who, after years of frustration, have found relief or a “cure” for their chronic conditions understandably can’t wait to share it with others.

Because the Nourish Health practice is in Peabody Mass., most of her patients are from the North Shore and Boston areas. But some patients are outside the Boston area and maintain contact by Skype or other forms of Internet connectivity. To learn more about how Dr. Sigal works one-on-one with patients, email and request the brochure “What to expect”.