Learn & Live


We believe it is very important to engage people in the concept of healthier eating, so at least they have a choice in the matter. But we’re up against the virtually unlimited resources of the pharmaceutical and food industries and their commitment to their corporate interests.

We try to make it easy for people to break out of the unhealthy (but profitable) cycle of food and drugs by offering a range of ways to access Nourish Health. There are eye-opening speaking engagements at community organizations, where Dr. Sigal introduces the real issues and opportunities. Or regular courses in how and why to adopt a whole food plant-based diet for general health and chronic conditions. Or you can take advantage of intensive weekend kick-start programs and retreats. For specific health issues there’s also the more traditional one-one doctor-patient relationship.

Recently, with some conditions diagnosed by your medical plan physician, classes or costs can be covered by insurance. Finally, insurance companies are realizing the health benefits and cost savings associated with a plant-based diet (Mostly the cost savings, we suspect).

Pretty much whatever works for you, to start a healthier life, Mona wants to help.