• Do you take medical insurance?
    No. Insurance companies have not yet caught up with the changes in medical practice, and thus do not yet reimburse for specific lifestyle medicine services. Dr. Sigal dedicates 90 minutes to her first-time patient encounter, and between 30-45 minutes to each follow up appointments. Patients have constant access to Dr. Sigal via email as well. Does your health care provider do all of this?
  • Does medical insurance cover the course fee?
    Sometimes. Some insurance companies refund the course fee under their wellness and prevention criteria.Please call you insurance carrier to find out.
  • Do you offer a discount on the course fee, if several family members attend a course?
     However, when multiple members of the same household attend the same course, we offer – in addition to the course text book included in the fee – a selection of books to choose from (one per each additional household member), all of which are on Dr. Sigal’s recommended reading list.
  • Do I have to become a “vegan” if I take any of the courses?
    No. There is absolutely no expectation of any participant to “do” anything, except come and listen to the information. At NHWFFL, we believe in educating, informing and empowering, not in telling people what to do.
  • I can’t decide which course to take. What should I do?
    Take all of them.
     Seriously. Most of our students do just that. They start out taking a course based on their individual health concern, but realize that there is so much more to know, and that every topic is fascinating. The cooking demonstrations are very similar between courses, but the material covered is very different and complementary between courses.
  • I just want to lose weight; which course should I take?
    Any one of them. 
    Plant based nutrition leads to automatic and effortless weight loss, without counting calories or measuring anything. At the same time it will dramatically improve absolutely all aspects of health and prevention. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Have we left any questions unanswered?

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