Company Wellness


Today, many businesses are helping their people, cutting healthcare related costs and reducing absenteeism through wellness programs. More than most, Nourish Health’s Food For Life program can have a dramatic impact on the long-term health and productivity of employees at a very justifiable cost.

Dr. Sigal adheres to the Food For Life® program developed and promoted by the PCRM, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It’s a comprehensive award-winning program designed by physicians, nurses and registered dieticians focused on the lifesaving effects of healthful eating. And it’s a program proven affective in numerous studies (see reference section).

The program educates employees to the ways specific foods and nutrients promote health. It offers easy-to-follow cooking demonstrations of simple and nutritious recipes. It provides tips on healthy food preparation. And it gives them an opportunity to taste delicious plant-based dishes that can actually transform their health and see for themselves the difference it can make in the way they feel.

Nourish Health looks forward to the opportunity to come into any business or any size and present the program, with case-histories and actual ROI, to the officer responsible. And if interested, initiate the process of engagement

Step 1: Learn the company’s specific issues and needs.
Step 2. Present a customized program.
Step 3. Establish an on-site pilot program with a small group of participants:

• 9 weeks of 1-1.5 hour meetings/week
• Tests/metrics that baseline each participant’s conditions and setting goals
• Cooking demos and recipes
• Work with cafeteria to develop healthy menus
• Report results back to company management
• Establish larger program if satisfied with results

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