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Super Saturday night dinner

Let’s put some science to work in the kitchen today! Easy to make food can be super nutritious and always available if you keep a few basics in your pantry. Some of you already know that I am a big fan of Eden Organic pasta, although it’s rare to find a store that carries all […]

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Ever Hear Of Sulforaphane?

Reviewing a mere month’s worth of medical literature provides a wealth of scientific articles on sulforaphane, a miraculous compound that can arrest the growth of cancer stem cells, and even reverse tumors. In a fantastic lab study on mice, sulforaphane not only inhibited breast cancer stem cell growth, but even down-regulated its self–renewal tendencies. In […]

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The Tomato Effect: Rejecting What’s Right For The Wrong Reasons

Everyone knows about the “placebo effect:” the enthusiastic and widespread acceptance of therapies later shown to be useless or even harmful. But do you know about the “tomato effect”? The “tomato effect” in medicine occurs when an effective treatment for a certain disease is ignored or rejected because it does not “make sense” in light […]

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Lose The Xanax

Take a breath. A deep breath. Now do it again. Do you feel that? That’s anxiety exiting your very being – melting away from your consciousness – allowing for a calm to roll in. We need this. You need this. The act and art of meditation and relieving oneself of anxious emotion is a necessity […]

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Which Knife Would You Prefer?

Sadly, surgery has become the routine elixir for disease management. Whether for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, or even weight loss, more and more doctors are offering up the scalpel as a fix. But here’s a well-kept secret you should know. In clinical studies, the only proven method that truly reverses disease and fixes […]

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