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Food For Life with Dr. Mona Sigal – North Shore Magazine

Of the hundreds of clients that Mona Sigal, MD, has treated at her Peabody practice, Nourish Health With Food For Life (NHWF- FL), one of the toughest was her husband, Julien Vaisman. Dr. Sigal was transitioning from emergency room medicine to healing through healthy lifestyle practices while her husband, also a physician, was on medication […]

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Big Cheese Meltdown – Dr. Sigal’s Testimony Before USDA

Every five years the federal government publishes “Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” a series of recommendations on what we should eat. It’s a controversial list heavily influenced by industry lobbyists, leading to recommendations based on economics, not science. This is why Americans have grown so frustrated about “whether eggs are good or bad this week” – different reports, with different agendas, gain attention and often promote the opposite advice.

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Low on Carbs, Low on Fats and LOW on Truth

Another research article hit the media this week, rewarding those who love to hear good news about their bad habits. The Annals of Internal Medicine published a paper titled: “Effects of low-carb and low-fat diets.”  In it, the authors conclude, “the low carb diet was more effective for weight loss and cardiovascular risk factor reduction […]

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I Hate It – But It Loves Me Back

Let me be frank: I hate exercise. Always have and always will. In case you now find yourself disappointed in me – please keep reading. I believe I’m a much better role model than all those “perfect exercisers,” who don their squeaky-clean sneakers 24/7/365 and are out there rain or shine, with a big satisfied […]

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Phytochemicals – powerful protection from plants

It’s time to talk about phytochemicals, and make this term a household name. Just think about it: it sounds like a plot, an animal conspiracy to insure the untimely demise of carnivores and longer lives of vegetarians: the more animal foods people eat, the greater their risk of dying from chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer […]

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