What This Is & What It Isn’t


Nutrition is the oldest, most proven medicine. It is a natural approach to health consistent with the way the body works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an organized profit-making industry to promote and lobby for it.

The fact is, the body’s systems break down when they’re given a steady diet of products and pathogens they were not designed to process. And that manifests throughout America in a long list of common chronic conditions. The good news is: the body is often capable of healing itself, if it has the nutrients it needs. And unlike medications, which usually deal with symptoms first, the right nutrition helps the body re-build health from the inside out.

This is what we do.

This is not one of the “woo-woo”, mystical, arcane, miraculous, or infomercial-hyped approaches to health and wellness without solid scientific basis.

This isn’t a business model about selling vitamins or supplements, or expensive blood tests, or putting you through another canned “program”, or building a franchise, or generating profits for global investors.

This is a personal commitment from Dr. Sigal to work with you to provide information and coaching that will reestablish your health, based on what condition you have and the lifestyle choices you’re willing to make.

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