Part Doctor / Part Coach


As a physician in MA, Dr. Mona Sigal, MD diagnoses conditions and prescribes treatments. But unlike popping medication, which Americans are accustomed to, the treatment does require changing diet/lifestyle from the one that has contributed to the problem. For some people that’s easier to do than others.

Dr. Sigal recognized that the old approach – the “expert” approach – is failing in mainstream health care. To help people make the changes needed in order to attain true and lasting health, a partnership between the physician and the patient is needed along with a completely different set of skills than a doctor who prescribes.

Telling people what to do, doesn’t work – people already know what they ought to be doing and still don’t.

The reasons are many, and willpower is NOT the problem.

That is why along with being an experienced physician Dr. Sigal also trained to be a health coach, and a mindfulness based stress management instructor, particularly focusing on mal-adaptive eating behaviors, which affect the majority of the population.

This approach, of personally leading patients through the steps necessary to change their eating habits and rebuild their health, is unique. But the results, the high level of success and transformed lives, speak for themselves