A Doctor’s Perspective


Dr. Sigal brings a physician’s experience and understanding of chronic diseases to her practice. Nutrition-based lifestyle medicine is not a “holistic” but a “whole-istic” approach, and a major area of new research in the healthcare field.

Working closely with other doctors at the forefront of this growing movement, Dr. Sigal’s prescriptions are evidence-based and scientifically confirmed – and they do not involve medications.

And we’re not talking about the kind of bought – and – paid – for “science” that has led the FDA to turn America into the largest and most profitable drug market in the world.

Nourish Health is not just a wellness lifestyle. It is a focused medical intervention designed for people who have been failed by today’s medication- and procedure-driven healthcare industry.

As with any good doctor, each engagement starts with a personal consultation and a few tests (or your existing test results) to diagnose the problem and establish the metrics for improvement. Throughout the program, progress is measured, proving efficacy and motivating patients to continued improvement.

Contact Nourish Health With Food For Life to obtain detailed information on how Dr. Sigal works with clients one-on-one and in groups.